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Sunday, 25 April 2010

silly blisters

so - what do you do?

You are on a gig and you can't play on the blisters when they are really puffed up.

You can't play on the inner side of the finger tip because then the string is up against the puffed up blister when you play and gives off a really nasty pingy sound, and you are then so far away from normal playing position it's just weird.

So that leaves playing on the outer side of the finger tip playing on just the very edge of the finger with the danger of constantly falling off the strings.

I wouldn't mind but I have been practicing and gigging regularly so it's not like I've had days off from playing for them to get into this state.

What the picture doesn't quite capture is just how puffed up and enormous they are!

Somehow I managed to get through the gig yesterday. I have no idea how, especially as it was Karl Jenkins Requiem with it's very, very silly harp solo in the last movement!

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