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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Five Take Fives

My husband, as well as being a composer, is also an amazing jazz musician. So having been to so many jazz gigs and listened to so many amazing jazz musicians over the years I've always been a bit wary of jazz played on the harp...

But here are 5 very different harp versions of Take Five, commonly attributed to Dave Brubeck, but was of course written by Paul Desmond, the sax player in his group.

All of these harp versions are great, but I have a soft spot for Joy Yu Hoffman's version played on the chinese harp. I really like the middle section of her version, and it just sounds great on the Konghou.

Park Stickney - solo harp

Jakez Francois - harp with piano, drums & bass

Amanda Whiting - solo harp (nice video!)

Polish harpist Małgorzata Zalewska & flugel with orchestra

Sarah Deere-Jones - celtic harp & guitar

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