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Saturday, 12 March 2011

look - no hands!

So, I was playing in a concert with a chamber orchestra tonight and we had just played the Clarinet Concerto by Copland (great piece, loads of harp throughout) and I'm on stage during the interval giving the harp a quick re-tune before the second half starts.

This lady from the audience comes over to the side of the stage and doesn't appear to be visually impaired or drunk.

In all seriousness she calls me over to ask me....

"I've never seen one of those with a projection box on the back before.....

(me - ¿Qué? )

do they all have that?

(me - ¿Qué? )

I had to come over and ask you because I was curious......

do you use your hands to play?


(wait it gets better)

because i can see you were playing with your feet"


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