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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mahler 6 Finale

nails or picks?

picks or nails?

Started the rehearsals on nails, Petrenko then wanted picks, and on the final rehearsal on the day of the concert wanted nails.

I completely underestimated the time needed to grow my nails for this gig, and to be honest just didn't think about this piece coming up in the diary and just kept them usual short length.

Arghgh!! They were just too short at the start of the week.

So ended up having to get some false gel nails put on so that the nails were long enough to play with. My nails are very short and are slow to grow!

Only lost 3 false nails during the week which was quite a bizarre sight as they flew off as I was playing during rehearsals.

note to self - don't cut nails before Mahler 6 again.

BTW - In case you are wondering - they are definitely not my nails above. Can you imagine trying to do anything with those nails?

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