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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jamet exercises

I've recently had another go at doing the 16 exercices journaliers pour harpe by Marie-Claire Jamet as a technical warm up each morning instead of my usual round of Salzedo exercises, and have been doing these now for several months.

I had an aborted attempt at these last year but gave up doing them when I started to get a sore wrist and shooting pains up my arm, something which I have never suffered from before and quite frankly it frightened the life out of me.

This time, I've left out doing all of the series 2 exercises in the book, and hurrah, no pains in the arms, but a satisfying warm-up work out for the fingers.

Funnily enough, I had a chat to a harpist friend about this book of exercises and she told me that she had to stop doing them because they gave her terrible RSI....

So it's not just me.

These are great warm up exercises for the advanced player. But I would recommend skipping series 2 when working through the book and coming back to them at the end when you are seriously warmed up.

quick info about Marie Claire Jamet

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  1. Sounds painful, will also be sticking to my Salzedo :) Great to try new ones (I love dipping into old, neglected methods and books!) but those Jamet ones sound painful - maybe it's the old get-thee-to-an-Erard thing and the extra tension of ours compounds the tension? Either way, I'm curious about them now!