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Monday, 20 June 2011

Laser harp

Ok, so they aren't actual harps....... but have you noticed how laser harps (that are actually built to look like a harp) seem to be popping up everywhere? With lots of science centres now having one.

I've not actually seen one in the flesh, but wouldn't an encounter with one in a museum be fun, and inspiring?

Glen Hill of Mountain Glen Harps seems to be building some great laser harps. Here he is explaining about one he has built for a children's Hospital.

What an amazing and therapeutic thing it would be in that situation. There is lots of info on Glens website about how they work. Essentially it's much like the midi harp in that each "string" triggers whatever is programmed on the software running it, but in this case of course you break the laser beam to make the trigger. Glen also has a blog with some pretty cool pictures of custom harps he is building.

A more traditional laser harp (without it being in confines of a harp shaped box) is nothing new, but I really like this next YouTube clip. Arpa di Luce is a collaboration between Gianpietro Grossi- Laser Engineer, Francesco Murano-Light Designer and Pietro Pirelli-Musician and visual artist.

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  1. Oooooooohhhhh my goodness !!!!!:-) :-) What an amazing Laser Harp installation!

    This really inspires me totally. I am about to do an installation for our local community Art Center`s annual fund raiser "Artrauges", for the Rogue Gallery in Medford OR. I am planning on setting 16 green lasers shining across the space, with the beams bouncing off form mirrors, multiple times to generate perhaps 30 beams or more, with them terminating on optic sensors. The software I use allows any beam to be used as a 'master' control beam, so that every time it is broken it triggers a change of all the other beams programing. This video gives me some great ideas of some cool type music/sound sot program.

    I also am going to be getting i my shop an high powered rainbow RGB laser projector, connected to a Laser Harp controller, which will project a fan of 12 rainbow colored laser beams that can be played the same way as in this video.

    Thanks for the nice words about my work, and for posting this video !! :-) Glenn Hill