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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Let there be light

Oh yes - this is AMAZING!!!!

Sorry, not Michael Nyman's theme from The Piano (The Heart ask Pleasure First) on the harp.... though it is played nicely here on the celtic harp by Italian harpist Mario Lipparini..

...but check out the lights on Mario's harp!

They are called "Rebecca Light" and were invented by a lighting engineer who plays the harp and the website where you can buy them is here

But I'm a bit concerned that on the website they sell a pedal switch for "when your harp must be silent for a passage"

Does that mean that they are not silent? ;-(

Hopefully it's just a mis-translation from Italian to English?

At $325 for the starter kit it's a bit too much to pay out if they do make a noise.

Wouldn't they would be cool on a pop gig though, and a really fun thing for solo gigs.

Anyone used them and can say whether they found them noisy or not?

If they are silent maybe someone can have a word with Santa.....Christmas is only 7 months away!!

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