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Friday, 5 August 2011

pitch bending harp

Mariano Gonzalez is a very interesting musician playing on what seems to be (his own design) a unique custom made electric pitch bending paraguayan midi harp!

A great video on his website here

Plus a YouTube clip playing with Pianist Bob Rozario and Percussionist Alfredo Albarenga. El Cumbanchero composed by Rafael Hernadez.

check out about 2'20 in after the percussion solo for the pitch bending.

No pitch bending here - but a lovely YouTube of Mariano playing the Recuerdos de la Alhambra


  1. hey! having just seen him live at WHC in Canada, he's amazing...he actuallly is just using normal Paraguyan harp, amplified of course, but he does amazing pitch bending things even more than most Paraguayan harpists do. AND there IS a new pitch bending harp that has special levers for bending the pitch UNDER the note, which I think is a first. That was premiered on a dutch jazz harpist on behalf of the American Jazz Harp Society,I think. I did hear it but can't remember the exact details. It looks 'busy' to say the least but is a cool idea. It's literally at the prototype stage. However, what Gonzales and the other absolute best of them do with Paraguayan harp is even better I think!

  2. Hi !

    Yes the Custom Pitch-Bend Harp Brenda De-Groot played at the World Harp Congress is still in the prototype stage. From here ideas, I designed and built it for her, and she and her Dad did some modifications, and now it is on it`s way back to my workshop for more modifications !!! :-) This version has spring loaded levers that allow the pitch to be bent both up and down. The harp is also steel strung, with Seymour Duncan Humbucker pickups. And it is compact, harness mounted as well, with a cordless output.

    Brenda will be playing it in Louisiana in Sept.