Rainbow harp ~ harpyness

Friday, 9 September 2011

Rainbow harp

How exciting is this?

This isn't just an electro-accoustic harp........ it's a rainbow coloured electro-accoustic harp.

And I see Salvi have just brought out a new Iris, minus the gold. Cunningly called the Iris Natural Concert Grand it is cleverly in the price range between the Apollo and the Arianna. 

Now if only I wasn't already paying off for my wonderful gold Iris...  

Suffering serious harp lust..... a rainbow harp.... genius idea.


  1. you can hear it played by me on youtube - Eleanor Turner Baroque Flamenco - at the WHC in the showroom. Not great sound on the video but it IS a lovely harp! It's really beautiful too and I reckon you can get it in loads of colours x