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Monday, 26 September 2011

student major key & tuning charts

Just remembered I said I was going to do this for some students tomorrow.

Here goes - for lever harps tuned in E flat major

Enjoy :-)

click on image for larger view - feel free to print off and stick on the wall near the harp!


  1. hiya, did you know I have done (ages ago and I should improve them) lever harp charts for major and minor keys (separate charts but they can be put alongside each other on the wall showing the relative minor - harmonic form only at the moment, for exams, although now of course they have to do the natural minor anyway!) of each major key. Here's the link to the free download on my shopify site:
    and the minor one's on the front page too. I can improve upon it of course but it's got little photos of the levers.
    Only problem is that for those who have older Pilgrim lever harps, the levers are underneath the strings - or to the left of them - which is enough to confuse me!! So from that point of you, your chart is much less confusing. Where people don't have colours on any of their levers i sometimes suggest a bit of red and black nail varnish to mark them, and I get the younger ones to put a dot on the tuning pegs on the other side too. Do you do anything like that? Keen to swap any tips as i've been teaching for years but obvious tips still come to me randomly at intervals, year after year!xx

  2. Hi yes I did that chart because it does get so confusing with levers not being in a standard place against the strings and it can sometimes take a while working it out on a lever harp you haven't seen before! I did the colour coding to convey red/hot/sharper and blue/cool/flatter.... I wish all lever harps had colour coded levers and get my students to put on red and black nail varnish on both sides too! Sometimes I get a beginner to put a blob of BluTack on a lever if they have an accidental change in a piece and they are not yet used to changing levers. If there are loads of accidentals then sometimes little bits of string tied round the lever, but personally I prefer BluTack - easy to remove, though it can fall off mid piece! I think Sylvia Woods sells tiny rubber bands that go round the levers.

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