Saturday, 31 December 2011

summing up

Well, how was 2011 for you?

I've found it a pretty interesting year harp work wise, not quite as doom and gloom as I thought it would be at the beginning of 2011..... Lots of very last minute work came in, and I continue to do as many different different harp projects as possible in a bid to continue making an income from being a musician. Fingers crossed it doesn't all go pear shaped in 2012!!!

After my rant about the price of petrol in a previous post, my brother-in-law did some calculations for me and worked out I would be saving a massive £250 a month if I bought a diesel estate car. So I'm going to do something creative with my finances and try and raise some money to get a new car asap.

I've got a tour coming up starting mid January with Katherine Jenkins and I must get a new car sorted before then, otherwise I won't be able to afford to pay the petrol bills for all the travelling.

So far the most economical MPG estate car that I have found is a Skoda Octavia, but I don't think I'll find a cheap enough one second hand. My Volvo does only 24.9 MPG so quite frankly anything diesel with 4 wheels is probably going to be cheaper to run.

At least I don't have to find a car to transport this harp (-;

Here's to good health and cheaper petrol in 2012!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Merry Kissing aka advanced lever harp rep

I've been teaching harp for years and years, and until about 5 years ago I always found that my students once they got to about grade 4-5 standard they moved from a lever harp to a pedal harp. I'm ashamed to say I didn't really know any of the high intermediate to advanced lever harp repertoire at all.

So for the past few years I've started exploring the advanced lever harp repertoire and there are some really good books out there! I particularly like Kim Robertson's book Treasures of the Celtic Harp. Brilliant arrangements that cover from Grade 5 to Grade 8 with some really fun tricky ones thrown in as well.

This one, Merrily Kiss the Quaker is one of favourites.