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Saturday, 31 December 2011

summing up

Well, how was 2011 for you?

I've found it a pretty interesting year harp work wise, not quite as doom and gloom as I thought it would be at the beginning of 2011..... Lots of very last minute work came in, and I continue to do as many different different harp projects as possible in a bid to continue making an income from being a musician. Fingers crossed it doesn't all go pear shaped in 2012!!!

After my rant about the price of petrol in a previous post, my brother-in-law did some calculations for me and worked out I would be saving a massive £250 a month if I bought a diesel estate car. So I'm going to do something creative with my finances and try and raise some money to get a new car asap.

I've got a tour coming up starting mid January with Katherine Jenkins and I must get a new car sorted before then, otherwise I won't be able to afford to pay the petrol bills for all the travelling.

So far the most economical MPG estate car that I have found is a Skoda Octavia, but I don't think I'll find a cheap enough one second hand. My Volvo does only 24.9 MPG so quite frankly anything diesel with 4 wheels is probably going to be cheaper to run.

At least I don't have to find a car to transport this harp (-;

Here's to good health and cheaper petrol in 2012!

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  1. Good health, cheaper petrol, plenty work and more blogging :) xx