electric envy ~ harpyness

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

electric envy

I see the harp twins have a lovely pair of Lyon and Healy Silhouette electric harps.

I was drooling over the black version of this harp a while back......

.... I did have a quick side swipe at lusting after a see through electric harp

before remembering that I really can't afford another harp until I've paid off for my lovely Iris.


  1. Those Lyon and Healy electric harps are made even more exquisite by the very beautiful Harp Twins. Are they the rockstars in the harp world?

    But I have to say, the transparent electric harp intrigued me a lot. I think it's made of fiberglass. It's really beautiful! It's amazing how new materials are being used in the production of these instruments.

  2. Even better with the transparent harp is that you can request to have LED lights built into it - can't remember whether it's at top or bottom of the strings. SO..... each time you pluck a string - that string's LED lights up. Playing in the dark would be amazing!