Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blazing pedals

Sensible shoes only please...

Definately no wedges or flip-flops!

(double click on image for closer view)

I had thought re-writing this little bit from 2nd act of Intermezzo by Strauss so that you aren't reading enharmonic notes, (my personal pet hate) might make it easier.

Figure 94 in 1.

80+mm per bar!!!

Maybe shoes with little booster rockets are in order?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Locking string onto the tuning pin

A while back I posted some videos which I found online on how to tie a harp string, brilliantly demonstrated by Lyon & Healy technician Steve Moss.

However I only posted his videos on how to tie the anchor knots. Here is the other important end - locking the string on the tuning pin.

I never used to do it this way, but since using Steve's method it is brilliantly simple and straight forward, and better still, really easy to describe.

The quality of the video is a bit fuzzy, but if you listen carefully to what he says it is really simple!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Alan Stivell

Wow - great what you can find on YouTube! Footage from 1982 of Alan Stivell with Angelo Branduardi on fiddle.

I've always loved his harp playing. A great (unofficial) website about Alan Stivell here with a page of pictures of all the different harps he's played, plus info about him through the years. Site's in French, but you can google translate it.

His official website here..