Friday, 18 January 2013

grade 6 scales practice chart

Ahh - snow.... lots of snow. That'll be my weekend of rehearsals cancelled then!

Always nice to have bonus unexpected time to catch up and do things you wouldn't normally have time to do - when you're not building snowmen that is.

So - here is a tick chart for students practicing all the ABRSM grade 6 lever harp scales, arpeggios and dominant sevenths  ;-)

To play through all of them over during a months practice you need to do at least 12 different ones each time - assuming 20 days of practice in a month. Although I think it's probably more realistic to do the cycle over a 2 month period and do 6 a day.

Double click on the images to open full version, save them to your computer and then print off.

Such Fun

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Replacing bass wires

Here's a good video showing how to replace bass wires on a harp - expertly shown by harp technician Peter Wiley. Thanks to the Sylvia Woods harp center for this excellent video.

Shown on a pedal harp but also good for replacing wires on lever harps.

Jim Munson

Very sad news of the passing of the harp repairer, Jim Munson on Christmas day.

This Pathe news video from 1961 shows a very young Jim Munson working in the workshop of John Morley. Click here to view this short video.

I have very fond memories of making the long trek via public transport on my own when I was still at school in the 80's to the Munson and Harbour workshop when it was in Kentish Town in North London to buy my harp strings. Thinking about it now, I would never have let my kids travel that distance across London on their own at that age, but it was all different then... I would climb those stairs to get to the workshop on the second floor and see them working on all the harps, and then go into the side room which was stuffed floor to ceiling with sheet music and Jackie would put up with me spending hours going through all their music, even though I'd only have the money to buy a couple of strings! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bride banged up

Bride banged up for £200,000 wedding con
screams the headline in that great British tabloid The Sun tonight. link to article here

"As well as paying for a lavish wedding which included a free bar, musicians, fireworks, a magician and face-painting, Lane also used the cash to pay for a number of home improvements at the couple’s Adlington home, including items such as a 52in TV, a Tag Heuer watch, an iPod and personalised car registration plates."
Bride who stole £170,000 from her boss to pay for dream wedding is forced to repay just one tenth of the money 

No mention of harpists.

However in their rival tabloid The Daily Mail tonight

Kirsty Lane hired a harpist to greet guests and put on a free bar  link to article here

and The Huffington Post puts their lavish spending as 

Guests to the wedding were greeted by a harpist

Having a quick look on amazon, a Samsung 52 inch TV costs £699 and a cheap Tag Heuer watch costs £950

pretty sure the harpist didn't get paid anywhere near the cost of a Samsung TV.....