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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bride banged up

Bride banged up for £200,000 wedding con
screams the headline in that great British tabloid The Sun tonight. link to article here

"As well as paying for a lavish wedding which included a free bar, musicians, fireworks, a magician and face-painting, Lane also used the cash to pay for a number of home improvements at the couple’s Adlington home, including items such as a 52in TV, a Tag Heuer watch, an iPod and personalised car registration plates."
Bride who stole £170,000 from her boss to pay for dream wedding is forced to repay just one tenth of the money 

No mention of harpists.

However in their rival tabloid The Daily Mail tonight

Kirsty Lane hired a harpist to greet guests and put on a free bar  link to article here

and The Huffington Post puts their lavish spending as 

Guests to the wedding were greeted by a harpist

Having a quick look on amazon, a Samsung 52 inch TV costs £699 and a cheap Tag Heuer watch costs £950

pretty sure the harpist didn't get paid anywhere near the cost of a Samsung TV.....

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