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Friday, 18 January 2013

grade 6 scales practice chart

Ahh - snow.... lots of snow. That'll be my weekend of rehearsals cancelled then!

Always nice to have bonus unexpected time to catch up and do things you wouldn't normally have time to do - when you're not building snowmen that is.

So - here is a tick chart for students practicing all the ABRSM grade 6 lever harp scales, arpeggios and dominant sevenths  ;-)

To play through all of them over during a months practice you need to do at least 12 different ones each time - assuming 20 days of practice in a month. Although I think it's probably more realistic to do the cycle over a 2 month period and do 6 a day.

Double click on the images to open full version, save them to your computer and then print off.

Such Fun

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