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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jim Munson

Very sad news of the passing of the harp repairer, Jim Munson on Christmas day.

This Pathe news video from 1961 shows a very young Jim Munson working in the workshop of John Morley. Click here to view this short video.

I have very fond memories of making the long trek via public transport on my own when I was still at school in the 80's to the Munson and Harbour workshop when it was in Kentish Town in North London to buy my harp strings. Thinking about it now, I would never have let my kids travel that distance across London on their own at that age, but it was all different then... I would climb those stairs to get to the workshop on the second floor and see them working on all the harps, and then go into the side room which was stuffed floor to ceiling with sheet music and Jackie would put up with me spending hours going through all their music, even though I'd only have the money to buy a couple of strings! 

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