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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

That's what I call a dead harp

Some will go "wow" and some will cry.....

Me; I'm in the crying camp. All I see is a lovely Erard covered in black gloss paint ;-(

Fibre Optic Harp, designed by Craig jones  "Light can be set to change colour when a pedal is pressed. Craig Jones says "The concept was to combine a traditional object with new technology and create a product which redefined its component parts and questioned their use within a contemporary setting." Find out more at 

I'm presuming like the dead parrot, it was a late Erard with no hope of resurrection.......
If you are a sad harp fanatic like me, and the sight of that ex-harp makes you glum, here's a picture of a lovely Erard to cheer you up that will soon be available from harp restorer Michael Parfett's studios.

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