Friday, 17 January 2014

how to get a concert harp into a small hatchback

I scream each time I watch this - I defy any harpist not to watch this without screaming!!!

Epic scene getting harp into a small car from 0:58 seconds in.

I have got a harp into a small hatchback back in my pre-college days before I learnt to drive and had to rely on lifts. However we took the front passenger seat completely out and then (CAREFULLY) lifted the harp in so that it went in backwards with the pedal end into the foot well of the passenger side.

I used to regularly get taxis and then the overground train to gigs, which shows my age as I'm sure you certainly wouldn't be allowed onto a train with a harp now. I even ended up locked in the guards van once (with my harp) on a train from London Victoria to Canterbury.

Ahh... those were the days!