Well I never thought I'd end up being a harp blogger, but there you go, life is surprising.

Also surprising is that this blog has become very popular, who knew there were so many fans of the harp out there?

I always try to keep content as unbiased and balanced as possible without supporting any one over another, and all of my blog entries are my own opinions.

So having had requests for advertising, I'm going to start offering that facility on my blog on the following basis.

Private adverts by individuals for concerts, CD's, harp events etc I am happy to place a square picture advert on the right hand side, for a nominal fee of £5.00 GBP for a 1 month period and £10.00 GBP for a 3 month period.

I won't put up adverts for harpists purely offering their services (for weddings, seeking gigs etc), but I will advertise their CDs, concerts, harp courses, events, music publications, harp accessories etc.

You just need to email me with a high quality pdf square image and a web url for where you want the advert to "point" to. I'll send you a PayPal invoice and sort out resizing the image to the correct size.

If you want me to do a blog entry review about something, I am happy to do so, but cannot guarantee it. I will be honest and state in the blog entry that I was asked to review it and I won't write advertising copy!

Adverts by shops and businesses, please email me.

You can contact me here

Happy harping!

Lauren Scott