inspiring harp videos

Cecile Corbel - Painted Veil
celtic harp & voice with band

Catriona McKay
celtic harp

Jakez Francois - Slides Blues
Jakez playing a Camac blue pedal harp with pianist

Lucinda Belle Orchestra @ Ronnie Scotts

Arianna Savall - 'Tarantela' de Ribayaz (1677)

Joanna Newsom - Peach, Plum, Pear
concert harp & voice
(ok - the singing might not be to your taste but good harpist!)

Xavier de Maistre - La Vida Breve by Manuel de Falla
concert harp

Serafina Steer - Tiger
concert harp and voice

Isobelle Moretti - Clair de Lune by Debussy
concert harp

Deborah Henson-Conant - Dance with Me
electric lever harp & voice

Sarah Deere-Jones - 13th Century Dance
played on a copy of a medieval harp

Sylvain Blassel - Goldberg Variations by Bach
A stunning video of this amazing harpist playing on a vintage Erard harp of 1904

Salvi Harps Factory Tour - fascinating!!

Lyon & Healy Chicago factory tour Part 1

Ruth Wall - mix of performances
electronica & harp duo (lever harp, bray harp, wire strungharp)

Luca Bova - What is Danced ( ... and what is not) for Harp & Electronics

Sioned Williams - folk tune
Sioned playing some celtic music on one of Neibisch and Tree's small harps and short documentary showing Andreas building one.

PL Cherubs Harp Ensemble - Sakura
Conductor and arranger - Magdalene Wong

Rachel Hair - The Braes of Castle Grant
celtic harp

Mildred Dilling - short 10 minute film
This is an amazing bit of historic footage from 1940 when she was 47. This was played as a short before the main feature in a movie theatre. She plays an arrangement of La Source by Zabel, March of the Men of Harlach by John Thomas and Follets by Hasselmans.

Harpo Marx - At the Circus
the legend that is Harpo Marx!

Florence and the Machine & Dizzee Rascal - You Got The Dirtee Love
live at the Brit Awards 2010 with massed harps

Bjork - Like Someone in Love
Bjork with Corky Hale on concert harp

2tone (Cindy Horstman & Michael Medina) My One and Only Love
Very classy jazz playing on electric harp and bass

Arnaud Roy - Blue Itsuo
Fantastic video showing Arnaud playing on the new midi harp

Carlos Ames - Vintage British Pathe clip
Don't try this at home!!

Jonathan Faganello - Iron Maiden, The Trooper
Brasilian musician on the paraguan harp